Gradska Knjiznica - regional literary programme in Cultural center Grad

The “Gradska knjiznica” program began in January 2010 as a series of evening events dedicated to writers and high quality contemporary literature. The organizing of the events is inspired by the need to find a better way to present literature to potential and current readers. The authors hosted are selected by the editor of KC GRAD’s literary department,Tijana Spasic, who has vast experience in literary criticism and cultural journalism, translation and editing.

“Gradska knjižnica” is devised as a long-term project that takes place twice a month, hosting local writers, authors
from former Yugoslav countries as well as authors from minority social or ethnic groups in Serbia. One of the aims of the project is to overcome the cultural and political gap between the Serbian and former Yugoslav republics, and to present the authors from publishing houses in the region.

“Gradska knjiznica” also pays special attention to younger generations of readers and wants to contribute in raising awareness among them, about the importance of cultural life and cultural dialogue in the region as one of the key elements for its development.
In the year 2010, as a result of open call, program of “Gradska knjižnica” had its first publication of short stories from the region, named “Gradske price”. In the year 2012, we are planning another regional publication that will comprise stories for teenagers who receive very little attention in our society.