NGO „MillenniuM“

NGO“MillenniuM“ is civil society organization founded 25.09.1999. in Kragujevac with mission of democracy and civil society development in Sumadia region.
Group of NGO „MillenniuM“ founders, who previously realized programme „Open club“ in Kragujevac, during 1997-1999. year wanted to initiate autochthonous programmes, based on real needs of local community and wish that democratization of society goes from „bottom“ and with active involment of citizens, not just political subjects and public sector.
Main activities of organization are connected for fields of democratization, work with youth and engaged culture and users of these and other programmes were hundreds of citizens Central Serbia region, other serbian regions...
Aims of organization are: democracy and civil society development, especially promotion of democratic values and human rights, education and strenghtening of civil society organizations, development of engaged culture and art as means for promotion of mentioned values, advocacy for civil participation in decision making process, development of international, regional and intersector cooperation with accent on decentralization and regionalism, local and regional community development with special accent on youth as a main target group.
NGO „MillenniuM“ has 10 active members, 50 occasional associates and 10 volunteers.
Until now organization was founder and/or active member of several civil sector national platforms, informal: Forum JU-NVO, FENS (Federacija NVO Srbije), Asocijacija ZA istinu i pomirenje, REFRAKT – NET, Resurs centri za razvoj civilnog sektora i formalnih: Nacionalna Koalicija za decentralizaciju, Nezavisne kulturne scene Srbije, Mreža organizacija civilnog društva za sektor reforme državne uprave. Da li prevoditi?
Until now the most important independent realized projects  and sources of their funding:
• Volunteer centre (2000. CIDA);
• Human righrs school (April-December, 2001. Westminster Foundation);
• Campaign for human rights promotion(2001. ABA CELLI & USAID);
• Practical workshop – communications school (June-November, 2002. Royal Netherlands Embassy; September, 2003 - April, 2004. Grčka government; 2009. OSCE);
• Sumadia civil network (2002 – 2003. Freedom House & USAID);
• NGO resource centre (2002 - 2004. European Commision & European Perspective);
• REFRAKT KG – Regional festival of alternative culture Kragujevac (2003 - 2011. City of Kragujevac  and from 2006 till 2010.Ministry of culture Republic of Serbia);
• Cultural management school (2003. Grad Kragujevac);
•Campaign for promotion of european integration“MY EU” (2005 – 2006. EAR);
•Debate programme “Stage talks” (2006.British Embassy; 2007/8. NED);
• KRAF (Kragujevac festival of antiwar and engaged movies (2007 - 2011. City of Kragujevac and from 2008 till 2009. Ministry of culture Republic of Serbia
• Regional service for euroatlantic integration(2008/2009/2010. OEBS, NED);
• Made in Šumadija – promotion of development projects(2009, Ministry of economy and regional development Republic of Serbia);
• GOTV campaigns 2000, 2007, 2008 (USAID);
• European centre for culture and debate GRAD (2008 – 2011, MATRA/Felix Meritis, Holandija);
• Capacity building of youth NGOs and informal youth groups in Sumadia region (2009,World Bank office in Serbia);
• Initiative for assignment of status of cultural institution of national importance to Prince-serbian theatre Joakim Vujić(2009/2010.);
•Sumadia blues– documentary serie about history of Kragujevac urban culture (1945 – 1995, Ministry of culture Republic of Serbia and City of Kragujevac) (2009/2010.);
• Civil sector reform of Sumadia region/Strategy of civil sector and philanthropy development Kragujevac (2009/2010. ISC).
Beside that, organization realized many projects and activities in cooperation with partner organization from country, region and abroad.