Results of the Big Gallery Open Call for annual exhibition season 2018

The members of the jury Melissa E. Logan, Imelda Ramović, Davor Bruketa, Zvezdana Stojmirović, Monika Lang, Ljudmila Stratimirović i Aleksandar Stojanović have selected the following ten projects for the annual exhibition season for 2018 with hopes that the programme will be rich and diverse like in the previous years.

1. Gordana Vrencoska – Real Utopias
2. Daniel Jakimovski – Copper Religion
3. Valentina Savić – Finding Doors in the Wall that have none
4. Dragan Srdić – More than Surrealism / More than Zenitism / Wailing Wall
5. Milica Mila Ristić – The Alphabet
6. Veljko Vučković – The Suspicious Collective
7. Izabela Mašić – Infitialis
8. Nemanja Milenković – The Unknown
9. Žarko Aleksić – Hyperplastic 
10.  Rade Tepavčević – Paintings

Melissa E. Logan is an artist living in Cologne who works in performance, installation, painting, pop music, sound and new media. During the nineties she founded artistic music group Chicks on Speed, which swiftly became an influential representative of the electroclash genre, performing also in Serbia at Exit festival in 2006. The subject matter is informed by a questioning and critical approach to social structures such as gender roles, national identity and ecology while utilizing apps, found fabrics, thermal photography, infused with themes such as robotics and copyright. Logan was exploring national identities in 2016 while realizing and exhibition Queer Salon: Flags in the Big Gallery as side programme of Pride Week. She was meeting local artist and became interested in Serbian art scene.
Imelda Ramović is an art director, designer, illustrator and co-owner of a studio Mireldy that, in cooperation with a few regional advertising agencies, realized a lot of projects and won many awards (Red Dot, New York Festivals, Cresta, Magdalena, Type Directors Club, ADCC…). She has been a member of the Jury for several years. Ramović had several exhibitions in the Big Gallery, of which the last took place in April 2017, where she presented her latest illustration work in a form of pop up exhibition.
Davor Bruketa resides in Zagreb. In 1995 he co founded an advertising agency Bruketa&Žinić with Nikola Žinić, and worked on numerous projects as art director or as part of the team. Projects of the agency have won over 300 international awards, and have been continuously published in international magazines and publications. Bruketa is a member of several juries in respectable international competitions, hosting conferences and teaching upon invitation in universities
Zvezdana Stojmirović was born in Peking, China in 1970, received a BFA from Cooper Union in 1991, and an MFA from MICA in 2005, where she teaches graphic design. She is the author, together with Helen Armstrong, of Participate, a book about design and user participation (2011). She likes the old and the new, and makes vector icons as well as medieval-style icons. She’s interested in the role of design in science and statistics. In her teaching, she collaborates with firms such as Etsy and Under Armour, to provide her students with the right exposure. Her previous work with KC Grad includes Tipo / Život in 2010, and New Folklore in 2012.
Monika Lang is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, chiefly on culture-related projects. She graduated graphic design from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In 2006 Lang co-founded Turbotomorrow designer group which continuously throws exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. In 2012 she started teaching graphic design at the University for Art and Design John Naisbitt. 
Ljudmila Stratimirović co founded Cultural front in 2000, a citizen association behind Cultural Center Grad. She is the art director of Grad today, but has started her career as a designer of hats and jewelry. In 1997 she founded Pozorište šešira, an artistic and music group known for distinct visual identity in performances. Stratimirović initiated numerous projects with Cultural front, taking place in Belgrade and abroad, such as Takeaway fashion since 2007, New Folklore, Exploring Inspirations, as well as the ongoing AIR Artist in Residence Belgrade. 
Aleksandar Stojanović graduated art history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. During studies in 2014 Stojanović started working in the Big Gallery on organization of exhibitions and events. He is currently the curator of the gallery organizing and throwing exhibition in the past three years. While organizing more than 40 exhibitions of the annual programs over the years in 2015 he co curated Queers Salon, with class colleagues under the title Sterrortypes. In 2016 he curated his first exhibition choosing artist within the past seasons for the 7th birthday group exhibition of the gallery titled Identity Deconstruction Methodologies. Besides the gallery programme he also worked on Cultural front projects such as Exploring Inspirations, AIR and Frontiers in Retreat.

The jury members and the team of KC Grad vishes to thank all the applicants who sent their projects to the open call in hope of an exciting season. Until the next one.