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  Monday, 16/02/2015, 18 : 00
Auction Without Reserve

Auction "Without Reserve" ( is organized as one of the methods of financing the Commendation Award

( which is given to an individual for contribution to the local scene of contemporary visual art.

The right to participate in the Auction is acquired by purchasing a 150 RSD coupon with the number, and the Auction is conceived so

that the initial cost of all works is 0 dinars.

All Auction income goes into the Commendation Fund.

Donating their works for the Auction, over 40 authors have supported the Commendation Award so far. Among them are some recognized artists, but also those of the younger generation. The works themselves are of different media and formats - paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, multimedia works...

Besides providing the money for the financial part of the Award, the
aim of this initiative is to make art more accessible and examine the

monetary value that people are willing to attach to a work of art in
the context of the art market crisis and the general crisis in Serbia.