PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Monday, 11/05/2015, 20 : 00 - 24/05/2015
Franziska Wicke - Belgrade, the works of your hands

We are proud to open a very special documentary and artistic exhibition by a German artist Franziska Wicke on Monday May 11th at 8 pm. The exhibition titled Belgrade, the works of your hands, is presenting the story of local craftsman scene in Belgrade in a very special way, both documentary and artistic.
It is one of the results of vast ongoing research done by Wicke, on the subject of space, memory and migration. The selection of photographs provide an in-depth insight of surviving traditional crafts in Belgrade, the history and anecdotes of the craftsmen who are still keeping their particular craft alive and trying to pass it on to the next generation.
And Wicke did a wide ranged selection of different crafts photographing each master in his/hers workspace, as well as presenting their memories on professional career and development, thus providing the audience with documentary overview of each craft development through history, migration and dominant cultural models.
The mix of Oriental and Austro-Hungarian cultural model in Belgrade is responsible for the range of traditional crafts developing in Belgrade. The audience will also find out which crafts and masters stayed on the scene and were appreciated after the World War II, and the change of Government, for example Wicke discovers who was the bespoke shirt tailor of Josip Broz Tito himself and manufactured more than two hundred white shirts on demand, or what memories do the craftsmen have on development and modernization of Belgrade after the war. The exhibition is followed by a special publication issued in Austria.
It is very well known that traditional craftsmanship is almost disappeared, or disappearing, and this exhibition is a very important homage to those people fighting and trying to preserve their own craft and pass it on to the next generation. That way they are keeping the manufacture of quality goods which is currently outraced by mass production of low quality stock.

The exhibition Belgrade, works of your hands, will be opened until May 24th.