PROGRAM :: Culinary program
  Monday, 16/10/2017, 19 : 00
Delicacy Monday: Baštalište

Join us on October 16th and enjoy delicious veggie food:

Menu 1: Magic pumpkin potage & Autumn corn bread

Menu 2: Satarash a la “Bastaliste” & Autumn corn bread

Plus cakes: Bas lavander cake, Pumkin cake, Banana bread (cakes are not included in the menu)

Beside food, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for membership, volunteering and workshops in the comming season.

Bastaliste is a community of urban gardeners where we have set our community garden in 2013. It is located 10km from the city centre. Wider perspective of Bastaliste includes raising awareness of the expert, political and general public on the importance and benefits of community gardening, as well as the community garden promotion as a tool for ecological, social and economic city development.