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  Thursday, 24/05/2012, 20 : 00 - 31/05/2012
New Folklor

Old crafts

eternal inspiration

New Folklore exhibition brings together over 30 artists and designers. They are using the rich cultural heritage through the study process and in collaboration with the artisans, historians, ethnologists in order to create art objects with contemporary solutions and with modern forms. Wide range of products shown at New Folklore exhibition will be from the field of applied art, design, cosmetics and food.

The idea of this project is to promote the creative individual as a unique creator. The wealth of folk art combined with the craft skills and with use of eternal values, new materials and modern ideas are characteristics of this project. Among the many items in the exhibition are pieces of clothing inspired costumes or special embroidery techniques and decorations, handmade shoes, jewelry, handbags, design prototypes of ceramic tiles, wallpaper, bedding and much more. Some of many participants invited to take part in this project are Dragana Malbaša, Ivana Čemerikić, Miloš Sarić, Jecka I Mile Galić, Sara Golić and Mihalea Jager, Dragan Mrdja, Šarlo, Mane Radmanović, Mina Ilić,  TKV, Super Timor, Vedrana Petrovska, Snežaa Krejić, Nina Ivanović, Dejana Momčilović, Vesna Kracanović, Zvezdana Stojmirović, Aleksandra Stratimirović, Tina Bukmirović, Nataša Manov,  Tim Barton, Milica Marinković, Filip Bojović,  Valentina Obradović, Jelena Stevanović, Fini Mafini, Babbitty Rabbitty, Jelena Petrović, Šivaća Mašinerija, Aleksandar Zograf i Gordana Basta, Milica Popović, Isidora Nikolić.
This topic has been very inspiring and offers great opportunities in the field of creation, research, developing a series of products, promotion of domestic design. New Folklore exhibition is first in a series of similar events planned by Cultural Center Grad from Belgrade, Serbia. The exhibition was conceived as a traveling and planed to work as an international project on annual bases.
Graphic identity of the exhibition was done by Monica Lang.
The author of project is Ljudmila Stratimirovic - artistic director of Cultural Center Grad- Belgrade.

Project supported by Erste bank