PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Thursday, 24/05/2012, 20 : 00 - 31/05/2012

Urban Forest is a Stockholm-based group that consists of individual artists that mix the genres of art, craft and design, and are organized around an ongoing conceptual discussion concerning contradictions within modern society.
You can see the contradictional theme “Urban Forest” as a project name, but also as a productive entity inside the group, engendering a wide variety of ideas, questions, visions and expressions. In the enactment of the contradiction the members are forced to situate themself within the horizon brought about, and to seek out the individuating paths and private keys to the overarching vision.
Urban Forest is an ambulating group that also takes a new shape for each of its exhibitions, just as each exhibition has its own theme.

Previous projects by Urban Forest:
Living, Design East 00, Osaka 2009
Pattern, Designtide, Tokyo, 2009
Gift, Gallery 2 Claska, Tokyo 2010, DE Gallery, Osaka 2010, The Black Box,
Stockholm 2011