PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Friday, 08/06/2012, 20 : 00 - 13/06/2012

Raqul Schembri. Rosa Linke. Dragana Branković.
Brasil. Germany. Serbia.

Artists Raquel, Rosa and Dragana have occupied and transformed the gallery space into their own artistic workshop. Their drawings on the walls and space installations are part of the initial setting, made in the way that it invites audience to spend time, explore and through dialogue help in its further creation.

They were inspired by the urban environment in which the gallery is located and the river as its dominant marker. Threads in different shades of color red, that visually and conceptually connect the exterior space and the gallery, were knitted by the women from town of Bela Crkva, and to artists they represent lines of life, tradition and each one tells different story. The way natural and urban landscape changes, depending on the time of day, angle of looking and interaction and intervention of people and animals the same way these three artists intend to treat their gallery landscape. In the next few days space will be transformed by drawings inspired with theirs and your stories.

In Belgrade Raquel, Rosa and Dragana are working together for the first time. This work intends to unite different forms of art expression visual, graphic and conceptual, that these artists usually use. Welcoming the interaction with the audience artists invite you to come into their world and share your stories and impressions, some of them might inspire drawings that will be added to the walls of the gallery during the next few days.

The exhibition is open until June 13th