PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Thursday, 09/08/2012, 20 : 00 - 15/08/2012
Missing Places

Margherita Verdi
Alessandra Capodacqua
Jacqueline Tune
Jacopo Santini
Milenа Putnik
Đorđe Odаnović
Nikola Radić Lucati
Dejan Atanacković

curated by Dejan Atanacković

Missing Places is an event and an exhibition planned as part of the Outside project and the Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF).
The theme of invisibility is one of the central themes of the Outside Porject. This time it will be dealt with through an encounter of visiting artists / photographers (Florence and Siena) with chosen places in Belgrade that, in the past decades, have undergone significant changes in appearance, meaning or function. The basic method of work will be a narrative guidance performed by Belgrade artists, curators and one alternative guide. Personal memory or personal involvement with a space will be a key factor in choosing locations. In this case memory will be considered as a precious insight into a rapidly changing space, not only architecturally, but most of all in relation to the new ways of life and systems of value.
Project includes a visit to Belgrade by four artists whose work can be described as narrative photography: Margherita Verdi, Alessandra Capodacqua, Jacqueline Tune and Jacopo Santini. They will collaborate with their hosts, artists whose work has included observations of changes of the urban tissue of Belgrade: Milenа Putnik, Đorđe Odаnović, Nikola Radić Lucati, Dejan Atanacković, as well as with the curator of the Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art Zorаn Erić, and an alternative guide, a blind person, Sebastijan Asimovski.
An exhibition of the current correspondence between the artists, as well as a collection of images gathered during their stay in Belgrade, will be presented at KC Grad August 9-15, 2012. The opening is scheduled for August 9th at 8pm.