PROGRAM :: Culinary program
  Monday, 28/01/2013, 19 : 00
Deli Monday - Slow Food

Deli Monday, on 28th of January is going to be different because of one interesting particularity. The visitors will have a possibility to meet the chef who will prepare delicious food for them. But not only that! People will have the chance to hang around and chit chat with the producers themselves, who live in different parts of Serbia, and who are responsible for growing the raw materials for the delicious food that will be offered.
Stevica’s ajvar, Dragana’s rakija, Nikola’s goat cheese, Smilja’s cabbage, Sergej’s lamb, Ivana’s sweet, pastries from Freska are all Slow Food products.
Slow  food is a global non-profit member-supported association, founded in 1989, that today has over 100,000 members and supporters from 150 countries. Enjoying food, and being committed to society and environment, joined in 1500 convivia (local groups) and with a network of over 2000 food communities, members are practicing “small-scale” agriculture and sustainable production of high quality food. Slow Food was created in opposition to  fast food and fast life and resembles the struggle against disappearance of local food traditions and the lack of interest in food. The members and supporters of this association are greatly interested in food they eat, its origin and traceability of production, and they want to enjoy the diversity of taste, being aware or the impact of food choice to the local economy and the economy of the world. For Slow Food interpretation all people are considered to be coproducers, not only consumers. Everyone is involved in food production is some manner, being aware of importance of food production is an active support to actual food producers. Slow Food philosophy is founded around the idea that everyone has fundamental right to enjoy good food,  and accordingly the responsibility to protect the legacy of food, culture and tradition that enables this pleasure.
Slow Food association has put the gastronomy in a new context: acknowledgment of the strong connections between plate, planet, people and culture.
Slow Food promotes the food that is:
GOOD - it is fresh, aromatic and enjoyable part of local culture
CLEAN - it is produced and consumed without harm for the environment animal welfare and human health
FAIR - affordable for the consumer and reasonably paid to the small-scale producer