DAILY PROGRAM :: 05/02/2012 Click here for full program
  Sunday, 05/02/2012, 12 : 00
Lifestyle blog school

If you are interested in fashion, photography, interior decoration, creative writing, arts&crafts, gastronomy and many more and would love to have your own blog then this course is for you. The school of lifestyle blogging is a place where we will talk and learn about all you need to know to start your own successful blog. And that is not all, at the end of the course we will welcome our top fashion bloggers as our dear quests. The school is organized by two brilliant Jelenas.

The school starts on 29. January. We are looking forward to having fun together.


  Sunday, 05/02/2012, 22 : 00
Bernays Propaganda / Gymnastics / While

Bernays Propaganda / Skoplje
Gymnastics / Ruma

While / Beograd
More information soon!