DAILY PROGRAM :: 05/04/2017 Click here for full program
  Wednesday, 05/04/2017, 19 : 00

Is there a point of being an activist in Serbia? Can young people change the context they are living in? Were they more active during the ‘90s? Can one be an Internet activist only and does that show the wish for real changes? How thin is the line between activism and social responsibility which brings profit?

Cultural Center Grad organizes the discussion “Youth activism”, as the second one in the series of debates “City talks”. Together with our guests we will talk about the issues of youth participation in activist engagement, which shows a dramatic decrease after the ‘90s. We will try to figure the causes and consequences of the fact that most of the young people in today’s Serbia are more prone to accepting the system instead of changing it and motivate them to become more socially responsible in order to change the context they are living in.