DAILY PROGRAM :: 06/04/2017 Click here for full program
  Thursday, 06/04/2017, 20 : 00
PINTA film

#StationOne residency programme for artists, researchers, theorists and producers engaged with contemporary dance and similar artistic, theoretical and activist practices presents the artist duo from Brazil - Neto Machado and Jorge Alencar!

Neto and Jorge will present their film PINTA, the winner of the festival Panorama Internacional Coisa De Cinema and the best movie of Queer Film festival in Rio de Janeiro, after which we will have the pleasure to talk with them about Brazilian festivals, cultural policy and their festival IC - Encontro des artes / http://bit.ly/2nB9e7n/

PINTA (Brazil, 2013)
Jorge Alencar and Neto Machado

Dubbings, stunts, remixes, aesthetic covers.
Diffuse, decentralized, peripheral, tipsy.
Theme: an extemporaneous choreographic chanchada.
Content: artistic nudity, discrete zoophilia and dance.

PINTA is a queer fantasy made of carnival and eroticism. In each situation, a new universe is presented, maintaining a suspension, without origin and explicit narrative consequences. An enigma that can never be solved.