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  Sunday, 09/04/2017, 16 : 00
Organic Growing of Vitis vinifera grape

Cultural impacts on dispersion of grape cultivars.
Autohtonous Balkan grape cultivars.
How and where to grow grapes and to choose land for vineyards.
Grafting and budding old grape cultivars.
Organic Growing of Vitis vinifera grape and vineyard managing.

  Sunday, 09/04/2017, 19 : 00

Ladies larger than life! Celebrating iconic divas, women responsible for the (pop) culture of today!
We'd like to to embody them and serve you their energy through their songs.
Cabaret evening at Cultural Center Grad, prepared for you by: Dekadenca, Dajana Ho, Miss Matilda, Ljubičica i Persona B Pianist: Lady K
Music support before and after the program: mandymendi
Sunday, 9th April Program starts at 20h. Entrance fee: 200rsd