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  Thursday, 13/04/2017, 18 : 00

Cultural Center Grad organizes the first discussion in the course of the new literary program „Predgovor (Foreword)“. The debate will concentrate on contemporary publishing houses in Serbia and together with our guests we will discuss problems, challenges and obstacles that independent publishing faces in the context of today’s institutional cultural politics in Serbia.

Our guests will reveal what has motivated them to initiate their own publishing activities, under which material conditions they endure their literary production and how does publiching policies form literary audience of nowadays. During the events the audience of Cultural Center Grad will get the chance to see the actual editions of the publishing houses represented by the guests.


Ilija Rajačić (Kovačnica priča)
Vladimir Manigoda (Kontrast izdavaštvo)

Moderator: Filip Šakan, literary theorist

„Predgovor“ (Foreword) is the new literary program of Cultural Center Grad during which we will investigate contemporary literary production, literary criticism and stimulate interdisciplinary approach to various aspects of literary work. We will aim to point out various reading possibilities and promote contemporary literary production through innovative reading practices.

  Thursday, 13/04/2017, 20 : 00
Golden stairs

In May 2016, Music School "Zivorad Grbic" launched the competition festival dedicated to the idea of ​​promoting the most talented young string players from Serbia and the region. This festival is driven by life and work of prof. Zivorad Grbic, one of the most distinguished violin pedagogues of the former Yugoslavia, whose inexhaustible enthusiasm, dedication to music and art significantly shifted the standards of cultural life of Valjevo.  The desire of the "Golden Stairs"  festival was to contribute promoting and upgrading the performing level of students of string instruments, more productive collaboration between music teachers but also weakening highly expressed concentrating culture events in big cities, in addition to Valjevo musicians, festival encouraged the teachers of  music academies in Belgrade and Novi Sad to get involved in the realization of their participation in the work of the jury.  Over 125 young artists from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the Republic Srpska,  performed in Valjevo in the period from 27 to 29 May and their music showed that the "Golden Stairs" path gladly walks.

When we talk about the "Golden Stairs" as a symbol of  musicians path, full of constant emotional and intellectual questioning, the way the eternal provocation creative impulse in the mind and the way the inexhaustible search for personal expression in the reality in which routine and letting vain always watches, we are proud to say that prof. Dejan Mihailovic who recognized the potential for the launch of this ambitious project Music School "Zivorad Grbic" in Valjevo.  With his vision and counseling, but above all his conviction that the vigilance of the soul that gives birth to creativity beautiful life is created, which is his signature in earthly reality, Professor Mihailovic created the identity of Valjevo music festival, dedicated to strings. As president of the jury of the first "Golden Stairs" to all who will create a festival in the future, he left a legacy of clear guidelines on cultivating the most valuable to you born through music.

The enthusiasm brings that brightest and most valuable in man. It is the most common and most prominent color of the artist personality. Color of the "Golden Stairs" festival which reflects the talent and courage of those willing to build a more beautiful reality, the desire to "small" people in the "small" city, create "big" event last year was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as the main sponsor of the festival.

This concert brings to life the story of the first "Golden Stairs" and announces the second, planned for the last week of May 2017. This concert is the most successful music of the last year's participants and big thank you Music School "Zivorad Grbic" and to all those who are with us were ready to step into a more beautiful, musically reality ...