DAILY PROGRAM :: 30/04/2017 Click here for full program
  Sunday, 30/04/2017, 21 : 00
Pilot On Mars + Mylutin

Pilot on Mars is a blouse-rock trio from Geneva with the main singer Chet Pascal, guitarist Bastien Dechaume and keyboardist Joe Baamil. The crew was formed in 2013.inspired by the writers of the legendary Beat Generation, such as Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Neal Cassady. Like their literary role-models, Pilot on Mars makes music that aims for unconditional freedom and release of social repressions and restrictions. Since the beginning, the band has been engaged in diverse projects and genres: theater music, literary presentations, contemporary dance performances…
Their first album “Orchardstreet.164” comes out in 2016. and it was produced in John Spencer’s studio in New York. This famous musician has recognized their spontaneous and sincere energy and since then Pilot on Mars has been performing in many cities in Europe, engaging the audience in vibrating mixture of blouse, poetry, rock, improvisation and raw style. This trio claims that their music is a tribute to freedom and their work is like Kerouac’s novels: creative process “on the road”, rich with intimate experiences which these musicians share with their audience while playing. Nomadic character of this unusual band is probably best illustrated by the fact that they always claim to be “locals” – being everywhere and nowhere.
Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to listen to Pilot on Mars in KC Grad on April 30th when Milutin Petrovic, a famous Serbian musician and director, will perform as a pre-group.