DAILY PROGRAM :: 01/03/2018 Click here for full program
  Thursday, 01/03/2018, 19 : 00
Book promotion "How to Reach a Cultural Center"

On Thursday, 1st March at 7 PM, we will have the opportunity of hosting our great friends from Novi Sad's Novo Kulturno Naselje to discuss their recently published book "Road to Culture Centre" about years-long initiatives for establishing a cultural institution in their part of the city.

Besides the book's promotion, a panel "How to Reach a Cultural Center" will also be held. Participants include members of Novo Kulturno Naselje, members of the "Almanaši" organization who are also working to establish a cultural center in their part of Novi Sad through preservation and a new appreciation of cultural heritage, and Dejan Ubović in front of the KC Grad.