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  Sunday, 18/03/2018, 15 : 00
Art to All! Public model drawing class 3

  Sunday, 18/03/2018, 21 : 00
Let the Scream Be Heard: movie screening

A Norwegian film written and directed by Dheeraj Akolkar is in English. Akolkar takes us to a journey through Munch's mind, his thoughts and creative process in order to discover the timeless and universal values of his paintings.
The documentary explores Munch's world to discover the secret behind the iconic artist's greatness, and why his work remains relevant even after 150 years, in a world where everyone is obsessed with 15 minutes of fame. Why is his painting one of the most expensive art pieces ever sold, and other questions are answered throughout. Created as an audio-visual collage the film features Munch as well as other artists, younger colleagues such as Marina Abramovic, Tracey Emin, Liv Ullman…

The screening is supported by Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade