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  Wednesday, 21/03/2018, 20 : 00
"Dorian Gray: The Case of The Immortal"

"Dorian Gray: The Case of The Immortal" is an art project by Modernator crew from Belgrade. The plot was put in contemporary context, without any space/time determinants in order of actualization of main novel's topics such as: eternal youth and beauty vs aging, ungliness and body decaying, morality vs immorality, modern vs traditional values, socially un/acceptable behavior etc. The play consists of 13 scenes with three main characters: female artist Bosiljka (Serbian translation from Basil), Lord Henry Wotton and Dorian Gray.

Cast: Luka Miljković as Dorian Gray
Miloš Ristanović as Lord Henry
Wotton Jelena Balević as Bosiljka
Ivana Brajdić (video) as Sibyl Vane

Adaptation/Dramatization/Animation/Video: Jelena Balević Scenography/Art: Ivona Križak

Dorian’s portrait: Miloš Bogdanović

Music: Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Morphine, Tom Waits, San Telmo, Ramones, Georges Bizet, Claude Debussy, Frederic Chopin.

Duration: 73 min.

Ticket price: 400 rsd