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  Sreda, 05/03/2014, 21 : 00
FUTURE SPACE TRAVELLERS mit Bagheera Münchgstettner

A new music/sometimes vj/sometimes guests show at Kc Grad

EPISODE 1: Return to the source

Intergalactic FM and Les Yeux Orange addict Bagheera will be playing freaky sounds from outer space, tropical islands or your mom's bathroom and giving away track IDs via mic, šator style, at Kc Grad on wednesday March 5th.

It's tails from the Bardo time!
Float between stars in the year 2525.
Fly carpets, dance with jaguars and paddle in lagoons of the South Pacific.
Your home is behind the waterfall.

/ supernature / atlantis / waterfalls / unicorns / ufos / gemstones / seti / islands / volcanos /
/ estrogen / dreams / cosmos / mermaids / future / tits / breath / bardo / dance / carrie-ann moss /

Dance for paradise!

Free entrance